Planting design is the art of proposing plant combinations to compliment the site design and complete the ‘look’ of the project. Planting design is usually driven by the style of architecture and the preferences of our clients. Garden Architects, Inc. approach to planting design begins by assessing the functional needs of plantings first, i.e. screening, providing shade, softening architectural lines and enhancing outdoor living spaces, creating service gardens such as vegetable, herb, cut flower, rose, etc. Once the functional requirements of the plantings are determined, we use our expertise to determine the best planting combinations for the job. Regular and long term maintenance requirements play into every plant selection enabling us to develop planting designs that mature into beautiful and functional garden settings for year round use and enjoyment. Gardens are not static creations but evolve with time and season and it’s important to understand this as a designer and garden owner. For many the variety provided by seasonal change is one of the most exciting elements of a garden. Most of us are familiar with the thrill of the first spring leaves and flowers emerging!